Customize user and operator login pages

You can customize the appearance of the user login and operator login pages, to match an organization's branding guidelines, so that users and operators have visual confirmation that they are on the correct page. You can customize the logo, banner, operator login title, background image, and colors. You can preview your changes before you apply them.

Users can select the language that is used on the STA user login screen. Language translations are managed globally by Gemalto and cannot be customized for individual virtual servers. For more information about the language selections on the login page, see How your users log in to applications.

To add an organization's logo, banner, operator login title, background image, and colors to the user login and operator login pages:

1.On the STA Token Management console, select the Settings tab, click Branding and then click .

NOTE   To preview any changes that you make, click the User Login or Operator Login tabs in the Preview Customization section.

2.To customize a color, click it.

The Hex and RGB fields display in a dialog box.

3.Enter the hexadecimal or RGB values and press Enter or click outside of the dialog box.

NOTE   To revert to the default value or image of any field, click the revert icon .

4.To customize the Operator Login Title, click the field provided and modify the text.

5.To customize an image, click it and select the file or drag the file onto the dialog box.

The requirements for each image are listed in the table that follows.

Image Display Area in Pixels Max File Size Image Format
LOGO 300 wide (Max)

1 Megabyte

BANNER 75 high (Max)
USER LOGIN BACKGROUND 1368 wide (Min) x 768 high (Min) 2 Megabyte
OPERATOR LOGIN BACKGROUND 1368 wide (Min) x 768 high (Min) 2 Megabyte  

STA may adjust the dimensions of the image to fit the display area.

6.Click Save.

Users and operators cannot see the branding customizations until you click Save.

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